On-Site Ministries We Offer

phDavidKoreaThe Christ Institutes: As 48-hour “intensive” these Institutes are designed to help revitalize Christian leaders (clergy and lay) by “exploring and experiencing the spectacular supremacy of God’s Son”. The nine, dynamic two-hour sessions incorporate over 2000 Power Point slides. The goal is to equip participants to become “Messengers of Hope” to encourage Christ Awakening movements where they serve.

Christ Awakening Rallies: Multi-church gatherings in a city or community. Rallies involve a blend of Christ-focused worship, testimonies from local leaders to the need for and hope of a Christ awakening, along with a biblical message on the supremacy of God’s Son. Rallies conclude with an audience response to the vision through a brief “concert of prayer”. The whole event helps introduce a much wider audience to the hope and scope of a Christ-awakening movement.

Christ Roundtables: Informal half-day leadership deliberations, often facilitated in intimate settings. Roundtables encourage Christian leaders (clergy and lay) to share with one another biblical teachings on the supremacy of Christ, grapple with current evidences of the “crisis of Christology”, as well as explore opportunities and resources for serving a Christ-awakening where they live.

Christ Summits: One-day events that bring together both Christian leaders and dedicated Christian laypeople. Summits explore in much greater depth major themes raised more informally in a “Christ Roundtable”. Summits incorporate strong teaching, training tools and small group interaction. They also equip participants to return home as “Messengers of Hope” to foster Christ-awakenings movements.

CHRISTFests: Subtitled “Celebrating the Supremacy of God’s Glorious Son for ALL that He is with ALL that We are”. This 90 minute worship experience provides a creative, interactive mix of scores of Scripture readings, hymns and songs, along with brief small group prayer times – all designed to guide people through a unique exploration of “the life of Christ from eternity past to eternity future”. A Leader’s Manual, Program Script and 350 slide Power Point are offered for free download the our web site.

Christ Convocations: Regional and national assemblies, by invitation only, that bring together top-tier leadership in the Church. A convocation provides significant time for leaders to survey and interpret what God is doing through current Christ-awakening movements. Participants consult on how Church and ministry leaders might collaborate more fully to better serve the movement God is raising up already.

Christ Awakening Journeys: A multi-day, concentrated mix of PROCLAIM HOPE! outreaches, offered in multiple venues at different times and various levels within geographical regions or major urban centers.  Here Christians have opportunities to interact personally with a “touring team” sent to inspire and serve them. Through a Journey, the team is able to saturate, in short order, a multitude of Christians with a fresh vision for Christ’s glory, greatness and majestic reign. Priority is given to engaging with local spiritual leaders (clergy and lay) who are passionate for promoting among their people an awakening to the majesty of God’s Son. The goal is to help them become “Messengers of Hope” who can continue to work after the Journey has ended.

Messengers of Hope: A term for Christians anywhere who begin to take personal initiative in spreading among other believers a larger vision of God’s Son and greater reasons to put our hope in Him. Ultimately, Messengers of Hope are God’s key to igniting and sustaining transformative Christ-awakening movements. They provide the “legs” for any Christ-awakening movement – whether local or national. In all of our outreaches, PROCLAIM HOPE! retains one overriding goals: to find and equip as many Messengers of Hope as possible.

Christ Awakening Servant Teams: Small bands of “messengers of hope” in a local church or other Christian group joined together to form a CAST.  A CAST mission vision is quite simple and easily implemented: “Connect Christians more fully with the person of Christ by increasing our conversations about the supremacy of Christ “. This is how a Christ-awakening movement can penetrate at the grassroots level. A six-page document on our website gives all the specifics you need to get started.

Tools and Resources: A wide selection of exciting written, audio and video materials are available on line for free download at www.ChristNow.com and its social media platforms–all of which is geared toward our mission:  “to proclaim the full extent of Christ’s supremacy and empower others to do the same.”

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