Who We Are

PROCLAIM HOPE! serves the Church through a host of creative ministries designed “to proclaim the full extent of Christ’s supremacy and to empower others to do the same”. We are dedicated exclusively to fostering and serving a nationwide Christ-awakening movement, the God-given hope for which multitudes currently are praying around the world.

Out of decades of consulting with a broad spectrum of Christian leaders from every stream of the Church, PROCLAIM HOPE! offers targeted outreaches, including: Christ Awakening Rallies, Christ Roundtables, Christ Summits, Christ Colleges, CHRISTFests. Each is meant to encourage a lasting, sustainable “Christ-awakening movement”, especially among communities of congregations within cities and regions. We give high priority to training leaders (both clergy and lay leaders) in order to equip them to strengthen this movement where they live.

Recently, for example, PROCLAIM HOPE! launched a first-ever 48-hour “intensive”: The Christ Institutes Video Training Series.  Designed to help revitalize Christian leaders (clergy and lay) by “exploring and experiencing the spectacular supremacy of God’s Son”. The nine, dynamic two-hour sessions incorporate over 2000 Power Point slides. The goal is to equip participants to become “Messengers of Hope” to encourage Christ Awakening movements where they serve.  Learn more at www.TheChristInstitutes.com.

Founder David Bryant serves as lead facilitator for PROCLAIM HOPE! Formerly a pastor, minister-at-large for the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee – as well as author of popular books on missions, prayer and awakenings – David founded Concerts of Prayer International in 1988. Based today out of metro New York City, much of his teaching and training continues to draw on years of experience traveling the Church internationally. Currently, one strategic tool for spreading our vision is David’s latest book: give the title and subtitle of our latest book, Christ Is Now! 7 Groundbreaking Keys to Help You Explore and Experience the Spectacular Supremacy of God’s Son.

Our Vision

A God-given, multi-faceted, nationwide Christ-awakening movement, visible and measurable in most streams of the Church by 2020.

Our Mission

To awaken throughout the Church fresh hope, passion, prayer and mission, focused on the Lord Jesus Christ for ALL that He is, by proclaiming the full extent of His supremacy, and by empowering others to do the same.

Our Ministry Goals

Proclaim Christ’s supremacy
Awaken hope fully
Empower the Church

Our Motto

Awake to Christ for ALL that He is!