Emphasis of Proclaim HOPE!

The thrust of the PROCLAIM HOPE! mission involves a two-fold emphasis:

  1. PROCLAIMING: David Bryant is personally expanding his work of proclaiming a more comprehensive vision of Christ, spreading it throughout the Church, revitalizing committed Christians, restoring them to a dynamic hope in the Lord Jesus, and mobilizing them to serve Him with renewed passion for His Kingdom.
  2. EMPOWERING: He is also mentoring other Christ-proclaimers to flood our churches as “Messengers of Hope”. These agents of change are key to fostering the God-given awakening to His Son that our generation desperately needs.

To that end, PROCLAIM HOPE! targets ministry particularly to leaders at every level: pastors, lay leadership and younger leaders as well as regional, national, denominational and “servant-ministry” leaders. Many of them sense they have lost the sharpness of their vision and passion for the glorious greatness of God’s Son. Demands and distractions of ministry often overwhelm them. Many feel vulnerable, ineffective, discouraged and exhausted.

Therefore, these leaders are prime candidates for a renewed hope based on a transforming encounter with our Redeemer for all that He is. In their leadership roles, they in turn will themselves impact the Body of Christ as Messengers of Hope, helping God’s people to purposefully re-engage Christ in light of everything His supremacy encompasses. Equipping leaders to serve our churches as Christ-proclaimers is at the heart of the PROCLAIM HOPE! campaign.

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