Mission Centering on Crisis

David Bryant’s mission centers on this singular crisis. Shaped by years of ministry, including his travels into all parts of the Body of Christ worldwide, David proclaims the glory of Christ and the full extent of His supremacy in such a way as to help bring about a fuller “re-conversion” of God’s people back to Christ for ALL that He is. As you see at the heading of our website, PROCLAIM HOPE! is all about “fostering and serving a nationwide Christ-awakening movement.”

We want to awaken and mobilize Christians with a revived and fully informed zeal for the glory of our Lord Jesus. We believe that “purpose-driven” lives and churches need to become, first of all,”Person-driven” as Christians come alive again to Christ with abounding hope and passion for the full extent of His reign. The need for such a ministry as Proclaim Hope! is clear and has never been more urgent.

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