Roots of Proclaim HOPE!

In previous decades of David Bryant’s service to the national and international prayer movement, Christ’s glory and Kingdom were always central to his teaching and training efforts. Increasingly, however, it became clear to David and many other leaders that the time had come to make Christ’s supremacy  the pre-eminent agenda for every believer who prays with a burden for renewal. The modern prayer movement, as strong as it has been, desperately needs to sharpen its focus on this priority theme. Along with the Church-at-large, it needs to discover a more comprehensive vision of, and passion toward, the Lord Jesus Christ for all that He wants to be over us, within us, through us and out ahead of us. PROCLAIM HOPE! addresses this vital concern head-on.

One word is key to understanding PROCLAIM HOPE! That word is culmination. PROCLAIM HOPE!represents a culmination of over 30 years of ministry for David Bryant. It reaches back to his years as a local church pastor, through his time with the founding of the U. S. Center for World Mission, on to his twelve-year tenure as a Minister-At-Large for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and more recently to his leadership of Concerts of Prayer International and America’s National Prayer Committee.

As one Board member put it: “The past 30 years have formed a strong spear-shaft for which PROCLAIM HOPE! is the sharp point of the spear leading the way.” With that same certainty, in 2002 seventy national Christian leaders issued an “Open Letter to the Church”, putting their signatures to a call to Christians everywhere to see the urgent need for, and the essential mission of, PROCLAIM HOPE!

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