A Selection of David Bryant Messages

♦ Seven Irrefutable Reasons

Seven Irrefutable Reasons Why We Should Prepare for a Nationwide Christ-awakening Movement was delivered recently both to congregations and denominational gatherings. In it David takes the overall vision of PROCLAIM HOPE! to the next level. Here he greatly increases your expectancy about the Christ-awakening movement David believes God is ready to pour out very soon upon the Church.  Basing his comments on passages in Revelation 13 and 14, David sets forth seven “irrefutable reasons” that support his sense of what is coming and why we can watch for it with confidence. His vision should quicken the pace of preparation in all our lives. These reasons include:

  • The Decisive Person
  • The Divine Pattern
  • The Dark Prospects
  • The Disturbing Paralysis
  • The Dramatic Preparations
  • The Distinctive Praying
  • The Determined People

Each perspective will deepen your convictions about Christ’s supremacy and His advancing purposes in our generation, capturing your heart with an abounding hope about all He is calling you to experience in this exciting hour. These are 55 minutes of vision-casting you will never forget. Listen Here

The setting: Recorded at Grace Church, a congregation in the Minneapolis area. Dr. Daniel Henderson, the Senior Pastor at the time, made the introduction.
The occasion: A special worship service to celebrate July 4, America’s Independence Day.
The text: Revelation 13:11-14:7
The opening: A few personal words to you from David Bryant

♦ A Call for a National Christ Awakening

There is a growing hunger today in the hearts of many of God’s people for a fresh encounter with the Son of God for all that He is. In recent years, David Bryant has concentrated his ministry entirely on encouraging and serving this movement. He observes, “Only a God-given reawakening to Christ and the full extent of His supremacy can resuscitate the Church’s hope and passion, and re-engage her effectively in the worldwide advance of His Kingdom.”

This series of three messages was delivered at a national denominational conference during the summer of 2005. It’s the same message David is sharing with believers across America.

“The Anatomy of a Christ Awakening” (24:47) • 8.6 mb
“The Crisis That Demands a Christ Awakening” (24:18) • 8.4 mb
“How to Prepare the Way for a Christ Awakening” (24:38) • 8.5 mb

To order a CD containing  A CALL FOR A NATIONAL CHRIST AWAKENING,  send a check for $6 US (postage paid) made out to PROCLAIM HOPE! and addressed to PO Box 770, New Providence, New Jersey 07974.

♦ Facing the Face That We Seek

When we seek God’s face in prayer, we need to ask ourselves: Are we really serious about the Almighty God revealing Himself to us in His Son, Jesus Christ — in all His power, authority and glory — in a way that can bring true spiritual awakening? Is this really what we want? Do we really dare to “face the face” of Him whom we seek?

David Bryant gave this message at a national gathering of prayer leaders in 2002, and it’s just as fresh and pertinent now as it was then. It is not so much a message about prayer as it is a message about the ANSWER to all our prayers, Jesus Christ Himself.

“Facing the Face That We Seek” (57:26) • 19.8 mb