Christ Is All! Audio Book

A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of God’s Son

Read by the author, David Bryant 
The ministry of PROCLAIM HOPE! is delighted to offer to Christians across the globe, for the first time ever, CHRIST IS ALL!  The Audio Book. With nearly 50 separate daily “audio meditations”, each reading, fused with music, lasts from 5-10 minutes. This inspiring resource is yours FREE! Listen to the readings online. Or, download a series of meditations into your iPod or MP3 player to enjoy during your morning Quiet Times, on your commute to work or while running errands. Play them as a devotional time with your family round the dinner table, or as an opening at the start of small group Bible studies. Freely pass the downloads along to your friends.

CHRIST IS ALL!  The Audio Book offers you a total of over five hours of heart-felt readings by the author of the book, David Bryant. Maybe you’d like to take the next few weeks to get to know God’s Son from a whole new perspective, to discover ALL the hope we have in Him. Each reading, presented in David’s unique way, helps you explore both the powerful as well as personal dimensions of Christ’s supremacy.

PROCLAIM HOPE! has made a significant financial investment in this project (taken from proceeds from sales of the book CHRIST IS ALL!) in order to provide the tool, free of charge, to Christians everywhere as one effective way to grow in what we like to call “intimacy with Christ in His supremacy”.

These “audio meditations” are taken from the first 91 pages of the hardback 476-page, widely-acclaimed CHRIST IS ALL! A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of God’s Son. To order your own copy of this book online at a 33% savings go to

May God richly bless you as you enjoy these readings and bring into your own life a genuine “Christ-awakening” as a result.


A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of God’s Son


1. ALL the Hope We Are Meant to Have! (5:20)
2. What are different ways that Christian leaders identify the current crisis of supremacy? (4:30)
3. How much do we actually talk about God’s Son to one another as Christians? (5:13)
4. In what sense is Jesus missing in the evangelical movement today? (7:06)
5. How does one demonstrate a “Person-driven” approach to Christian discipleship? (6:27)
6. How do we stumble over the supremacy of God’s Son? (4:48)
7. In what sense do we view Jesus more as a mascot than a monarch? (8:09)
8. How might we begin to recover a vision for the supremacy of God’s Son? (5:41)
9. How would you define a Biblical vision of the supremacy of God’s Son? (6:00)
10. What are the four dimensions of a “wide-angled vision” of God’s Son? (6:54)
11. What it mean to call Jesus the “mystery of God”? (5:40)
12. Where does the suffering of Jesus fit into the supremacy of Jesus? (7:12)
13. In what sense does the supremacy of Christ take us beyond the centrality of Christ? (6:07)
14. In what sense does the supremacy of Christ make Him the circumference of our lives? (9:47)
15. How does the book of Colossians picture the pinnacle of Jesus’ preeminence? (9:41)
16. How can we be sure it’s time to create a “Campaign of Hope” for Christ? (5:56)
17. Why does a vision of Christ’s supremacy always cause hope to grow? (5:35)
18. Could a campaign to recover hope inside the Church be an antidote to the crisis of supremacy? (4:34)
19. The key question: Is God calling you to move forward with a “Campaign of Hope”? (5:30)
20. A conclusion to Chapter One: Do you have Fresnel’s fascination? (6:10)

Chapter Two — CHRIST SUPREME: The Summation of Christian Hope

1. Recover a hope shaped by the FOCUS of His Supremacy! (5:31)
2. In what sense is it Christ’s very nature the definition of our hope? (5:18)
3. Who would you say that Jesus is, and what words would you use to say it? (10:25)
4. In what ways is Christ the only focus for every bit of hope we have? (6:00)
5. Why do we say that our hope in God is “summed up” in Christ? (5:26)
6. Where does the Trinity fit into the hope in Christ we confess? (9:16)
7. What are key Biblical themes for exploring how Christ is the summation of Christian hope? (14:42)
8. How do Old Testament texts on creation prepare us for the revelation of Jesus’ majesty? (5:57)
9. How does Jesus sum up many Old Testament “shadows of supremacy”? (6:11)
10. In what sense do Christians look at the Old Testament through “Jesus glasses”? (7:40)
11. How does calling Jesus the “Son of Man” magnify hope in His supremacy? (8:05)
12. How does the Incarnation touch even our personal experiences of hopelessness? (7:08)
13. Why is the Cross the great crossroads for our future? (7:10)
14. How has the Cross eliminated every false hope for us? (4:36)
15. Why do Christ’s sufferings crown Him supreme over every hope we have? (5:12)
16. How many victories did Jesus’ resurrection actually achieve? (5:16)
17. In what sense is Christ even now the firstfruits of all of our hope offers us? (4:32)
18. In what way does the Resurrection anchor every other hope for us? (6:46)
19. What practical difference does it make that Christ is sitting on the Throne right now? (7:41)
20. Why Is Psalm 110 quoted so frequently in the New Testament? (4:40)
21. How are all of us a part of Christ’s missionary invasion among the nations? (5:57)
22. What does intensified opposition to Christ’s mission tell us about His supremacy? (4:49)
23. In what sense is our Ascended Ruler also our chief prayer partner? (4:40)
24. How will hope inaugurated today become hope consummated when Jesus returns? (7:00)