Christ Alone Study Guide

Recently, at our annual New York City PASTORS PRAYER SUMMIT, over 200 pastors and leaders from the metroplex shared in the sessions you find here. Those hours were book-ended by seasons of worship and responses through small and large group prayer times. At some level, virtually everyone received from the Father a renewed awakening to the fullness of God’s Son. Some said it was like being born again – again! The Holy Spirit re-introduced many to the reality of the supremacy, glory, greatness and majesty of the Lord Jesus; for some it was a vastness of vision they had not known before. We became increasingly consumed with the wonders of who Christ is TO us, FOR us, OVER us, BEFORE us, WITHIN us, THROUGH us and UPON us (which make up seven of the eight sessions here). We left determined to take the encounter to our people.

As a result, this CHRIST ALONE Study Guide was developed as a follow up tool, for pastor prayer groups across our region. But it is equally valuable for small group experiences anywhere. So, whether with a group or simply on your own … welcome to a unique approach for uncovering a fresh encounter with the living Lord of heaven and earth!