Celebrating the Supremacy Of God’s Glorious Son
For ALL That He Is, With ALL That We Are

Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

On May 25, 2008, more than 3000 students and their leaders, from both coasts and most states in between, converged on an open field in Kansas for a first-of-its-kind national student worship gathering called PARADISE 08. Hours were spent together in what was described as a “Sacred Assembly” (a biblical phrase). Focused exclusively on the breadth and wonder of the supremacy of God’s Son, this convocation of “undistracted” worship (no visible human leadership up front) spent an afternoon in a seven-chapter exploration of the “life of Christ” from eternity past to eternity future.

Behind the scenes, PROCLAIM HOPE! was heavily involved in the creation and production of this historic, pioneering gathering. Now, PROCLAIM HOPE! has developed a tool that makes similar but briefer events possible for every part of the Body of Christ. Called CHRISTFest, it is easily reproducible, adaptable to most settings and now available (with tools and resources) free from the PROCLAIM HOPE! website ( CHRISTFest is more compact, more manageable, more easily facilitated than a PARADISE-type experience. This means it can take place anytime and anywhere – in a church, or a stadium, or a living room or even another farm field (if you’d like!).

The mission statement for PARADISE 08, slightly revised, could equally apply to the mission of a CHRISTFest:

“CHRISTFest is a celebration gathering of God’s people
to awaken them to more of the supremacy of God’s Son,
to call them to adore Him as the King He is,
and to inspire them to arise to proclaim Him anew
to one another and to this generation.”

CHRISTFest offers a ninety (90) minute version, full of the Paradise DNA (though not officially linked to it in any way). CHRISTFest consists of twelve stand-alone segments, like chapters in a book. Step by step, it unfolds the reign of God’s Son – His majesty, ministry, triumphs and the destiny of His Kingdom. One might call it a biography of the King of the Universe, from eternity past to eternity future.

Tools and Resources for Free Download


[CLICK HERE] This link allows you to download the script with all the Scripture texts used for each of the 12 segments of a CHRISTFest – both for the team of readers as well as those passages reproduced in the Power Point for audience participation. The LEADER’S MANUAL explains more precisely how to interpret the various graphics as well as how to produce the readings.


[CLICK HERE] Based on multiple field-tests from coast to coast, this guide will equip you with all you need to know to facilitate a CHRISTFest in your church, Christian organization, pastors gathering, campus fellowship or Bible study group. The notebook runs 24 pages, filled with detailed, step-by-step guidelines as well as many practical hints.


[CLICK HERE] Titled CHRISTFest 2.0, this PDF provides participants two benefits: (1) a program outline to help them navigate the event itself; and (2) a record of the Scriptures used in each of the 12 segments, so they can return home to study more fully on their own the “high Christology” presented by the event.


[CLICK HERE] Because no up-front leadership is ever visible during a CHRISTFest (including the MC, the readers and the worship team) the 350-slide PowerPoint package serves as the main “facilitator” of the event. It provides segment titles, Scripture texts (those read by the audience) as well as glorious scenes from nature that portray the supremacy of God’s Son (which are viewed while the audience listens to the reading team). Local worship leaders are welcomed to insert at the proper places the words to songs they have chosen (see guidelines in the Leader’s Manual).