Concert of Prayer Manual/Together in Hope (free eBook)

phHopeLargeThis Concert of Prayer Rally Manual is based on materials written by David Bryant and on the extensive experience of theConcerts of Prayer International staff in leading prayer rallies around the world.

Special thanks to former Executive Directors of COPI, John Quam and Steve Bell, for their help on previous versions of this Manual.

Founder and President: David Bryant
Project Manager: Nancy Gruben
Production Assistant: Marilyn Searle
Text Design: David Gillaspie, Impact Productions

Copyright 2002 Concerts of Prayer International
All rights reserved
Published in the United States of America


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Preparation

  • Leadership
  • Recruitment
  • General Promotion
  • Facilities
  • Preparing for the Program

Section 3: Follow-up

  • Cycle or Rhythms of Prayer
  • Principles for Sustaining
  • Survey of Participating Congregations or Groups
  • Prayer Involvement Response Cards

Section 4: Finances

  • The Rally Offering
  • Other Sources of Income
  • Offering Procedures
  • Ushers and Counters

Section 5: Program

  • Introduction
  • Program Outline
  • Pre-Event Meeting
  • Music
  • 7 R’s Program Format
  • I. Preparation
  • II. Biblical Vision – A Call to Hope
  • III. An Invitation for Christ to Lead Us
  • IV. Concerted Prayer Toward the Hope (7 R’s)
  • V. Grand Finale

Section 6: Appendices