Messengers of Hope eBook

phMessengerMagLearn how to bring fellow Christians into God’s gracious work of spiritual awakening. Become an “agent of revival” as you serve a Christ-awakening movement right where you live. Uncover keys to becoming an effective Christ-proclaimer to your family, your church and your community. MESSENGERS OF HOPE is one of David Bryant’s most practical books. Now for the first time MESSENGERS OF HOPE is available to you here, in its entirety, for free in an e-Book format. But don’t forget to explore in greater depth the actual “message of hope” we must proclaim by ordering David’s most recent book, CHRIST IS ALL!



Chapter 1: A Nation in Need of a Messenger of Hope

Chapter 2: Messenger of Hope, Agents of Revival

Chapter 3: Turn Fellow Christians into Prisoners of Hope

Chapter 4: The Confidence to be a Messenger of Hope

Part 2 : The Message

Chapter 5: H.O.P.E Key Ingredients In Every Message of Hope

Part 2 : Developing Your Own Message of Hope

Chapter 6: Christ: The Heart of the Message of Hope

Chapter 7: H Stands for “Hop On!”

Chapter 8: O Stands for “Open Up!”

Chapter 9: P Stands for “Pray Back!”

Chapter10: E Stands for “Enter In!”


End Notes