Selected Columns from Pray! Magazine


Pray! Magazine is a bi-monthly publication of The Navigators. David Bryant served on the Editorial Advisory Board and, prior to 2004, wrote a column titled, “Toward Revival.”

Below you will find a collection of David’s articles in Pray! Permission is granted to electronically copy and to print these articles for personal, internal and public non-commercial use only. We ask only that you cite the source and author of these documents.    Order your own subscription to Pray!

Issue 1 God Is Up to Something!
Issue 2 Getting in God’s Face
Issue 3 As Always, the Next Move Is God’s
Issue 4 What Are You Praying Toward?
Issue 5 Two Battles: The Sequence of Attack
Issue 6 Preparing Your City for the New Day of Revival
Issue 7 Hope and Confidence for the Coming Revival
Issue 9 Here I Am; Send Me!
Issue 10 Fire in Antioch-Ablaze for the Nations (Part I)
Issue 13 Fire in Antioch-Ablaze for the Nations (Part IV)
Issue 15 Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ Revival
Issue 16 Jumpin’ for Jubilee
Issue 17 Imagine… Once Every 24 Hours
Issue 18 What Is the Spirit Saying to the Churches?
Issue 19 Pray for the Tipping Point
Issue 20 Out of Boredom-and into Rebellion
Issue 22 An Urgent Appeal for an Urgent Appeal
Issue 23 Hope in the Battle Against Pornography?
Issue 24 One Nation, Under God
Issue 25 Rhetoric, Reality and Revival
Issue 26 Resuscitate!
Issue 27 Hope in the Midst of Terror
Issue 28 Looking for Additives or Advances?
Issue 29 Campaigning for Revival
Issue 30 Abhor the Vacuum
Issue 31 Reenacting Revival Every Morning
Issue 32 The Case for Radical Repentance
Issue 33 Wholly, Holy, Wholly
Issue 34 Three Hundred Years Old? and Still Speaking!
Issue 35 An Afternoon for Global Revival