Prayer Pacesetters

phPacesettersLargeBased on years of research, including “Urban Consultations on United Prayer” conducted in over 25 world-class cities, David Bryant offers a one-of-a-kind manual of principles, resources and practical strategies for launching and sustaining movements of united prayer for a Christ-awakening. You’ll find many helps whether for one local church or for a prayer movement among churches in a whole community. What David Bryant presents are tried-and-true insights that were a significant part of the nearly 20 years of his leadership in the international prayer movement through Concerts of Prayer International.

Chapter 1: The Sourcebook
A Prayer Pacesetter’s Dream

Chapter 2: The Vision of a Prayer Movement

Chapter 3: Ignition
Principles for Start-Up

Chapter 4: Mechanics
Principles For Structures

Chapter 5: Dynamics
Principles For Sustaining

Chapter 6: Projects
Major Endeavors