Dedication, Acknowledgements & Misc


To Adam, Bethany and Benjamin
You have been wholly devoted to Christ from the beginning,
and to you belongs the legacy of the coming world revival.


In many ways this book is a distillation of what God has taught me the past fifteen years as I’ve visited with Christian leaders, united prayer movements, and ministries of renewal and mission around the world. I am indebted to them and to all they have shown me of Christ, our hope.

I want to thank the board of directors of Concerts of Prayer International for providing the spiritual covering for my ministry (including this book)—especially John Kyle, our first chairman, who mentored me and stood faithfully with me during the most formative years of this ministry.


To the staff of Concerts of Prayer International—both past and present—who labored with me, my heartfelt gratitude. You have helped create arenas throughout the body of Christ, especially in movements of united prayer, into which I can now preach the truths of this book. I want to express appreciation specifically to Barbara Moore, my administrative assistant, and to Joyce Pierce, for their many, many hours at the word processor as we worked and reworked the manuscript.


Special thanks goes to Timothy Jones, associate editor of Christianity Today, for his timely editorial assistance. His warm encouragements kept me on task when I might have folded in self-doubts. In the same vein, I am also grateful to Dan Van’t Kerkhoff, senior editor at Baker Book House, and to his staff for their gracious and skillful support in bringing the manuscript to public light.

Finally, in addition to the dedication of the book to my children, I also want to proclaim my unceasing thanks to my dear wife, Robyne, for standing with me with such love during every facet of our ministry. Truly we are a team!

And together we offer up this book to our wonderful Redeemer, Jesus Christ—Lord of the nations and hope of the world.

David Bryant



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