Partner with Us

PROCLAIM HOPE! and David Bryant look forward to exploring the possibilities of partnering with you in ministry. To expedite the process, we offer here a number of documents that answer questions we are most often asked. The board chairman’s letter, for example, covers many important details. In addition, you’ll find brief documents that answer questions on various options of cooperative ministry, as well as guidelines on financial expectations.

Please note (as the chairman’s letter discusses): The MINISTRY EVENT QUESTIONNAIRE is a very important tool. Not only does it help us to get a better sense of what God might be willing to do in your situation, but also help you think through your goals and vision in ways that may not have occurred to you. We have found the QUESTIONNAIRE to be exceedingly useful to both sides of this partnership.

We hope to hear from you. Please call or write if you have further questions. Together, let’s foster and serve this God-given Christ-awakening movement.