Guidelines on Financial Expectations

From the PROCLAIM HOPE! Board of Directors

As to Board guidelines related to any financial contribution made to Proclaim Hope! as a result of David’s involvement with you, please note: All monies received go directly into the ministry itself.

David raises his own support (just like most overseas missionaries). He does not personally pocket honoraria contributed for his services. In a very real sense, he is sent to you by others. Consequently, your contribution to Proclaim Hope! helps the entire team fulfill its mission across North America and worldwide.

However: The board has asked me to inform you that our overall operation expenses are just over $1,000 per day. We ask that you keep these daily costs in mind as you pray about a contribution that adequately covers David’s days with you (including his travel time). Remember that this is a major source of funding for our whole mission.

In addition: We do request each ministry site also cover all of David’s travel and lodging expenses.

Finally: Sites are asked to consider building into their event budget sufficient funds to cover one copy per participant of David’s latest book, Christ Is NOW!   See more about this at Putting a copy into the hands of each participant has proven integral to long-term follow-through after sitting under David’s ministry. We offer you the book at a significantly reduced rate, however, to make this resource financially feasible for your event.

If you have any further questions, please contact me directly by writing to me at Thank you and God bless you.

~ Richard Griggs, Chairman