Sample Brochures

Promoting a PROCLAIM HOPE! event is as important, in many ways, as the event itself. Why? Because as you may have heard before: “God cannot lead you on the basis of facts you do not have.” Or, as we say here at PROCLAIM HOPE!: “God cannot lead you into greater hope and deeper passion for Jesus as Lord on the basis of a vision of His supremacy that you do not have.” Therefore, getting people to the event truly is as important as the event itself.

That’s why we’ve provided you examples of promotional pieces, designed by leaders at the grassroots to recruit people for previous PROCLAIM HOPE! initiatives. We’ve selected events on three levels: church-wide, community-wide and regional-wide. These are only a few samples. But they actually have succeeded in getting people to attend an event. That’s why we believe they are worth your time to review. They could help you and your committee think even more creatively about the promotional literature you produce-about both the content as well as the graphics of your brochure or poster.

In some cases, in fact, you may want to use a particular example as a “boiler plate” for developing a look-alike brochure for your event. If so, feel free to go right ahead!

Bellevue Christ Roundtable Flyer

Chicagoland Christ Awakening

The Christ Institutes (Sample Brochures) Ex1, Ex2, Ex3, Ex4

Las Cruces Christ Summit

New Jersey Regional Christ Summit

NYC Christ Roundtable Brochure 2005

Pacific NW Christ Roundtables

Southern California Missions Retreat

Wenatchee Valley Christ Awakening Weekend

Western Seminary Lectureship poster