Testimonies about Ministry of David Bryant & Proclaim Hope!

I believe our Lord has called and anointed David Bryant in a special way to share a most unique message of hope focused upon the supremacy of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Dr. Paul Cedar, Chairman, The Mission America Coalition

David Bryant’s teaching on the supremacy of Christ not only draws us back to what is most important, but it is also the subject that is closest to our Father’s heart. We know that Christ is supreme, but David shows us how this truth transforms every level of our personal and church life.
Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor, Moody Church (Chicago)

CHRIST IS ALL! takes us where we would never go on our own, a place of incredible vision, hope and passion in our daily walk with God’s Son. Along with showing us the awesome Supremacy of Christ what touches my soul so deeply is how David Bryant shares the love of Christ so powerfully and personally as well. The world desperately needs to hear this timeless truth. PROCLAIM HOPE! was raised up for such a time as this!!
Fern Nichols, Founder/President, Moms In Touch International

The contemporary church is distracted, giving off many different messages. People are confused and our corporate witness is ineffective. David Bryant’s crystal clear message singularly calls the church to renewal through the Spirit’s power by giving back to us the greatest truth of divine revelation – the supremacy of Christ!
Dr. John Armstrong, President, Act 3

All those who ultimately changed the world for Christ were first obsessed with Christ. This holy obsession must be restored to the church today if we are to discover what God, in redemption, can truly do through us. David Bryant will take you there!
Rev. Francis Frangipane, President, Advancing Church Ministries

What greater fount of hope could there be than a “summit” where we meet with Christ Himself! Concentrating on and basking in the supremacy of our Messiah-King David Bryant’s CHRIST SUMMITS offer the hope of personal, local church, regional, national, and even global spiritual transformation!
Rev. Gary P. Bergel, President, Intercessors for America

A three day CHRIST SUMMIT with our 70-strong leadership team at CRISTA (based in Seattle) was inspiring, challenging and fulfilling. It significantly impacted who we are and what we are doing as followers of Christ in our ministry. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to grow in your walk with Jesus.
Dr. Jim Gwinn, President, CRISTA/ World Concern

David’s message of hope in the supremacy of God’s Son challenged our students to understand Jesus at a whole new level, and to respond with a depth of Christian living that continues to revolutionize their lives.
Dr. Roger Parrott, President, Belhaven College (Jackson, MS)

“There is no more important message for the Church today than that of the supremacy of Christ. Your praying will take on new levels of effectiveness and power as David helps you discover that it really isn’t about us. It is about Him !
Rev. David Butts, Chairman, America’s National Prayer Committee

The book Christ Is All! istruly a manifesto of joy, expectancy and hope for the supremacy of Christ today in our lives, in the Church and in our nation. If you long to see Jesus Christ exalted for all that He is, prayerfully read this book and then call on David Bryant to impart its vision.”
Dr. Jerry Kirk, Chairman and Founder, National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families

As one who has been a fairly serious follower of Christ for over 35 years, I can tell you that the message David is sharing on the supremacy of Jesus has helped me read the Scriptures better, pray better and love the Savior more. I give his CHRIST SUMMITS my strong endorsement because I believe it can do the same for all who listen.
Rev. Dennis Fuqua, Executive Director, International Renewal Ministries

In much of the Christian Church today the name and personage of Jesus Christ is missing. Sermons, materials, and even prayers don’t acknowledge the Son of God. Into this situation God has raised up David Bryant to address this issue. With deep devotion, insightful evaluation, keen scholarship and Biblical answers David Bryant helps individuals, church groups, and larger gatherings of Christians to thoughtfully explore the premise that “Christ is All.” No one I know is as consumed with the glory that belongs to Jesus Christ as is David Bryant. Come and have your life transformed by seeing our Savior for who He really is.”
Rev. Dale Schlafer, President, Center for World Revival

David Bryant’s message of hope could set off a tidal wave of prayer and spiritual awakening to impact our cities and bring Christ-focused reconciliation among the races. What a hope he gives us!
John Perkins, founder, Christian Community Development Association

David Bryant will bring you to the edge of your seat in anticipation of the next great spiritual awakening. Evidence abounds that true global revival is on its way—no doubt the greatest in all of human history — and Bryant shows us how. Get ready to rejoice!
Dick Eastman, International President, Every Home For Christ

David Bryant is one of the Holy Spirit’s ‘advance men’ pointing the way with spiritual wisdom for people who want to be tuned to the times. His penetrative perspective is the fruit of two great sources: a life of prayer and broad experience in ministry.
Jack Hayford, President, Four Square Church denomination

If only I had heard 20 years ago what I’ve discovered at this CHRIST SUMMIT, my whole ministry would have gone in a totally different direction.
A seasoned local church pastor in the Midwest

From AN OPEN LETTER TO CHURCH from 70 national leaders. . . 

Never has there been more urgency in our land for a God-given awakening to Christ. Surely David Bryant’s proclamation of hope in Jesus is on God’s heart for this hour and this place. David’s vision of Christ, and the full extent of His supremacy, can bring the Body of Christ together in powerfully transforming ways. We believe his message is exactly what’s needed at this critical moment in America.